Thursday, March 27, 2008

new reason

here's the thing ..sometimes i really get what I'm majoring in and that it was all my choice of study but there are times when i ask myself what did i get myself into ! me ? as programmer ? why would i learn about programming and writing computer weird shit ..things like should i quit are constantly in the back of my mind but also programming and learning of the computer systems isn't that easy you see not anyone can pull that kind of shit. half of all girls i studied my first semester with switched to something easier and well .. stupid like accounting ! so now what? stay where i am or take my chances and leave the language concepts and data structure for good [i am losing myself in the midst of all this].

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Frank said...

I used to study programming as well, a few years ago. Guess what? We also share some hatred for accountants. I always use accounting as my example for what I don't want my life to be like.

By the way, I did quit programming. I liked programming, but I didn't like the people. Once I realized that all the stereotypical nerds really do exist, and that they are even worse than TV let's it on, I knew I couldn't stay around them. By dropping out, I automatically became cool... kinda. I was cool to begin with ;)